Our Story

Living the mission of bringing healthier food and drink options to the world, Wondermade Brands™ is creating Doc's Drinks™. Doc's Drinks™ is a line of great tasting, innovative functional dietary supplement drinks created and endorsed by physicians. Our founder, Jackie Wonder, partnered with renowned and accomplished sports orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Neil Ghodadra, and a tenured team of doctors and beverage scientists, to create Doc's Drinks™. These convenient dietary supplement drinks are easier to take than pills and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Wondermade Brands™ Business Advisory board:

At Doc's Drinks™ we love a good story and this certainly is one. Doc's Drinks™ is the flagship brand of Wondermade Brands™, a woman-owned company founded by Jackie Wonder in 2012. As a wife, a mother of three young daughters, a serial entrepreneur and an inventor, she loves creating healthy, convenient and affordable products that provide real solutions in people's lives. Everything she makes at Wondermade Brands™ she wants to make well. Jackie is also a conscientious business leader who believes Wondermade Brands™ can be a social enterprise using business as a force for good.

She is a health and education advocate and is passionate about making an ideal work environment for her employees. For example, Wondermade Brands™ provided employees with an option for free, on-site quality afterschool program for their children. Wondermade Brands™ also promotes employee health & wellness in various ways such as a free, healthy snack food bar at work. The company reimburses employees' race entry fees into road races. Employee participation is encouraged in philanthropic projects including company Fun Runs.

Jackie knows a good product when she sees one. Prior to starting Wondermade Brands™, she co-founded one of the nation's most successful woman-owned retail sales brokerage firms, Sharper Edge Sales & Marketing Group™, with a reputation for excellence in retail delivery and efficiency bringing well over 100 products to market. She is using that background to ensure Doc's Drinks™ also delivers excellent, quality products.

Why drink Doc's Drinks™? We say, why not? These are great tasting, innovative healthy functional dietary supplement drinks to aid your body in joint, vision, cardio, hydration, beauty, and immune support and more. Let's drink to your health!™